Styled by Brittany B.


After an abundance of requests, Brittany B. will soon offer a styling service!



Tired of wasting 45 minutes or more changing in and out of outfits? Do you find yourself thinking about how you'd look better and feel more confident if you just knew what to wear? Brittany may be the answer to your style prayers. Although it may seem like it, fashion consulting is more than just a service for the A-list, red carpet crowd. Hiring a wardrobe consultant means getting realistic (and affordable) solutions for your fashion dilemmas. Brittany can save you time, money and frustration. 


When you book Brittany B., she'll provide a 30-minute intake meeting to determine your wants, needs, and budget; whether it’s for a photoshoot, birthday, event— sky’s the limit. This initial meeting may be done in person, by phone or by video call. Brittany will listen to your specific needs, then outline the service she offers and pricing, and describe what the best approach is to get the job done. After the intake meeting and you’re ready to book your first service, you will be informed about payment terms and the exact services will be provided in writing. 

And then the fun begins! Brittany will take the pain out of shopping by either going with you or shopping on your behalf.


Many styling services are offered at an hourly rate but not Brittany’s! Brittany charges a flat fee for her styling services. 

Here’s the breakdown:

1.    Intake Meeting - $40 - Required & Non-refundable (included in the service if booked)

2.    Garment Budget

  • This is solely up to the client and separate from the service charge. The service charge is for the time and service. 

  • The garment budget is what the client can and is willing to spend on a look.

3.    Service Charge (Flat Fee) – 4+ hours includes any necessary shopping

  • 2 hours - $150 (for clients who do not require shopping and has looks to pull from)

  • 4 hours - $250 service charge (minimum if shopping is required)

  • 6 hours - $350 service charge (usually used for multiple looks or photoshoots)

  • 8 hours - $450 service charge (usually involves some travel)

  • Services needed under 2 hours or over 8 hours can be discussed during the intake meeting.

4. BENTON Est. 1988 Garments

  • Looks bought from Brittany’s line, BENTON Est. 1988, will be offered at 30% off.

Book with me to find that special outfit, discover new pieces to spruce up your style, or track you down an entirely new look!
— Brittany B.

Check back here to find out exactly when this service will become available.